8 gifs of laughing yongguk ∩(︶▽︶)∩ 

It’s so mysterious to me…

i think we can all learn from Amber

i think we can all learn from Amber

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"I want to adopt kids from all around the world."

Happy Father’s Day, Bang Yongguk! You’re going to make a great dad one day.

SONG: UnknownRolling in the deep
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‘Rolling in the deep’ By BYG in LOE Japan 130525

Cr @NiNi酱_himhim还是chanchan


In which the bear is tumblr


kpop’s kinda like a cool beach you go to and there are all these kinds of pretty stones and you pick up one like oh cool i like this one and you put it in your pocket and then you see another cool stone and you collect that one too but soon enough you have so many stones in your pockets that your pants have fallen off and you’re crying while holding a lot of stones you don’t know where to put and your friends are standing nearby thinking you’ve gone crazy

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